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In many operations on the heart and the aorta, the use of a heart-lung machine is part of the daily routine. As a result of the intervention, the pumping function of the heart must be interrupted for a certain period of time in order to give the surgeon time for the complicated and labor intensive operation. The blood circulation is then artificially maintained. The life of the patient during the operation is in the hands of specially trained perfusionist. They monitor and control blood pressure, gas exchange, body temperature and coagulation in collaboration with the surgeons and anesthesiologists, and ensure that the patient's laboratory values ​​remain within the normal range.

In certain cases, it may be necessary in the short or long term to support the body's cardiovascular system after surgery by mobile extracorporeal systems (ECMO).

When implanting a pacemaker, defibrillator or cardiac support system ("artificial heart"), our perfusionists are in direct and regular contact with you and perform the training so that you are well prepared for everyday life at home.

Fields of Activity of the Cardiac Technicians in our Clinic:

  • Extracorporeal Circulation (ECMO)
  • Heart Support Systems (VAD, "Artificial Heart")
  • Monitoring of Vital Parameters, Blood Gases, coagulation
  • Blood Processing Procedures
  • Rhythm Therapy
  • Administration, Documentation and Statistics
  • Patient Education

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